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 Sully - Carrier [2011]

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PostSubject: Sully - Carrier [2011]   Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:41 pm

artist....: Sully
title.....: Carrier
cat no....: LDN026
genre.....: Bass
style.....: Futuregarage
label.....: Keysound Recordings
tracks....: 10
quality...: 320kbps

Nr.  Trackname                                    Time
---  ---------                                  -----
01.  It's Your Love                              05:12
02.  2 Hearts                                    04:04
03.  In Some Pattern                            05:01
04.  Encona                                      04:09
05.  Let You                                    03:21
06.  Scram                                      03:27
07.  I Know                                      02:54
08.  Trust                                      03:44
09.  Bonafide                                    03:21
10.  Exit                                        02:00

                                                37:13 min

One of the more elusive producers out there, Sully isn't
the most prolific, but everything he does release is of
the highest quality: his 'Phonebox', to take just the most
shining example, never leaves the box. Though he arrived
on the crest of dubstep's second wave, it's not easy to
pin down his sound: gritty, burnished UK garage is the key
influence, but on this album there are significant nods
too to footwork and 8-bar grime. 'It's Your Love' and '2
Hearts' openly pledge Sully's allegiance to the original
El-B and Groove Chronicles sound, while 'I Know' and
Trust' are juke made cinematic, their 808 snaps and
plasmic vocal loops buffetting against moody strings and
keys; there's also a welcome appearance for past 12" cut
'In Some Pattern', with its rugged 2-step flex, gushingly
anthemic synth chords, and ardkore-minded funky-drummer
breakdown - a stone cold classic. 'Encona' is bruk-tinged
garage-techno in the Horsepower / Maddslinky tradition,
while 'Let You' is the kind of vamping grime riddim that
Slimzee used to cane in the heyday of Pay As U Go, brought
up to date with some nifty vocodered vocal samples and 808
hits, and 'Scram' continues that grime theme with a more
chilly, minimal, eski-style vibe. For all the familiar
references, probably the only track on this LP that sounds
a tad derivative is 'Exit', with its clear channeling the
South London noir of Burial - but it still sounds wicked.
Carrier is so much more focussed - not to mention more
heavy, more hard-earned - than pretty much all the other
post-dubstep guff out there. Recommended.

album me jako ugodno iznenadio, skinuo sam ga jer sam vidio da je izašao za Keysound (Dusk + Blackdown, Grievous Angel ekipa) pa reko ajde moglo bi bit dobro...i tako je i bilo, ima taj neki 2step feel koji volim čut
možete malo pročekirat po youtubeu, evo ja nudim ovo

i d/l linky: WZQTXk8/Sully-Carrier-(LDN026)-WEB-2011-BNP.rar
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PostSubject: Re: Sully - Carrier [2011]   Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:18 am

zahvaljujem, super zvuči :)
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Sully - Carrier [2011]
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